Photo credit: J. Hamilton


Central to the adaptive management and restoration of our regional preserve system is access to relevant, use-inspired science. Drawing on the expertise and experience from across the partnership, the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance is developing and advancing priority research for the benefit our preserves. The Alliance coordinates this research and summarizes findings so that scientific information gets into the hands of people who need it and can use it.

Science also guides our work to design and carry out efforts to restore heavily impacted areas of the preserves. Information derived through research helps us to understand how ecosystems might be responding to stresses and management interventions.

Together, we continue to work to define, prioritize, and advance use-inspired research in our regional protected areas. It’s a simple strategy, with groundbreaking consequences.

Priority Research Areas:
Species Inventories
Wildlife Linkages and Connectivity
Human Impact
Impacts of Global Change
Limits of Acceptable Change
Place-based Research
Economic Impact