Eriastrum sp. at Cave Creek Regional Park


The Central Arizona Conservation Alliance recognizes the foundational role research plays in the management and restoration of our regional preserve system. We also recognize that all too often, important scientific information does not it into the hands of the people who need it and can use it– our land conservation managers.

In early 2013, through a series of collaborative sessions, the Alliance developed initial research priorities necessary to support the protection and restoration of the preserve system. Drawing on the expertise and experience from across the partnership, the Alliance coordinates this research and summarizes findings to inform decision-making.

Additionally, the Alliance is working to collect and catalog any and all research conducted on or otherwise relevant to our regional desert mountain preserve system.

Conservation Alliance supported and partner research

North Mountain Plant Inventory Project

Sonoran Preserve Plant Inventory Project

Cave Creek Regional Park Plant Inventory Project

White Tank Mountains Plant Inventory Project (January 2016)

Phoenix Phenology Project

Community Wildflower Survey

Reptile Use of Trails in the Phoenix Mountain Parks- Rudd et al.

Economic Impact of Maricopa County Regional Parks- Chhabra et al.

User Fees, Place Attachment, and Willingness to Pay- Neild, et al.