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Plant Inventory Projects

Did you know that of the estimated 8.7 million species on the planet, scientists have only documented approximately 1.3 million?1 When we talk about conservation then, it begs the question: conserve what? Simply put, we cannot actively conserve or manage for what we don’t know exists.

Many of these information gaps are just outside our own doors—in the Valley’s mountain preserve system. Knowing what resources exist in a space is a first step in good natural resource management. Species inventories provide one metric of the diversity of natural resources present on our parks and preserves. They also allow us to establish a baseline record of biological resources for tracking species changes in response to environmental alteration, both natural and man-made. For these reasons and more, we have launched four citizen science-based plant inventory projects—the North Mountain Plant Inventory Project, Sonoran Preserve Plant Inventory Project, Cave Creek Regional Park Plant Inventory Project, and White Tank Mountains Regional Park Plant Inventory Project.

View our findings on the Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet):

North Mountain

Sonoran Preserve

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White Tank Mountains Regional Park

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