#Buffelgrass Blues & the Piestewa Invasive Species Pilot

The Conservation Alliance in collaboration with the Desert Botanical Garden, City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department and Intel are launching a new invasive species outreach and management project at Piestewa Peak. 

The outreach and education component of the project was called Buffelgrass Blues! We will dye buffelgrass blue with non-toxic chalk paint, then manually remove the located plants. Help us beat the blues, and join our efforts to bring this invader to light and remove it from our park! 

With over 6,000 visitors every week, Piestewa Peak provides a tremendous opportunity to put buffelgrass back in the spotlight. Almost unanimously declared one of the most problematic invasive species in our state, buffelgrass not only out competes our native flora but it brings with it… fire. Devastatingly hot fire. 

This new project not only aims at removing the buffelgrass at Piestewa Peak, but to also collaborate in a regional effort to map and locate buffelgrass within our parks. Project volunteers will help map, dye and manually remove buffelgrass, as they help fight back against this invasive species destroying our saguaros and Sonoran Desert.