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To foster community engagement to study, restore and promote the mountain park preserves of metro Phoenix.

Organizational History

In 2010, staff, volunteers and Board members of the Desert Botanical Garden conceived of the Conservation Alliance (now Central Arizona Conservation Alliance) as a means by which the institution could leverage its own strengths in service to the greater community.

The potential for the Conservation Alliance was brought more clearly into focus when the Arizona We Want Institute issued a call for proposals seeking “big ideas” to address the top concerns of Arizona citizens. The idea of bringing together diverse stakeholders to identify and tackle issues challenging the mountain preserves of metro Phoenix fit squarely within the citizens’ priority of “planning for the future…to ensure that (our open spaces and natural environment)…remain part of the essential character of Arizona.”

The Garden’s proposal for the Conservation Alliance was one of five proposals from around the state that was chosen by a panel of local and national reviewers to receive support in seeking funding to bring our community-based idea to fruition. The Alliance is funded for years 2012-2015 through the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust.

Today, the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance partners are engaged in endeavors across the Valley with the long-term goal of sustainable preserve systems that support healthy ecological system functions and provide beautiful, safe open spaces for recreation, education, and relaxation.


“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
John Muir

Featured Partner

The city of Phoenix has long been recognized as an environmental leader. The mayor, City Council, management and staff are all committed to protecting the environment and providing a sustainable future for the city residents.